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Building Empathy: Private School Dhenkanal

We are living in the times when kindness is rare and values are underrated. Scrolling through the feeds on our mobile screen, we are so overloaded with information that we seldom care about our emotions which drive us through everything for most of our lives. Emotions are important as they invoke healthy decision-making in us to understand our community and environment better. Among all the emotions we feel and express, empathy is above all. It is the capacity of understanding the emotions of others who work, live and share their lives with us. Such emotions help us to build a better community for people and a healthy and harmonious environment for our future generations. St. Xavier’s High School in Dhenkanal is a renowned private school in Odisha known for its diverse and holistic approach towards learning. As a responsible institution, we believe that kindness and empathy taught to students interactive can cultivate strong emotions and positive values in them.

Children while growing up look up to the adults around them and pick up their habits and behavior. They are always watching us trying to shadow our actions and reaction. Hence, modeling kind behavior is the best way to teach a child empathy and compassion. When they see us caring and extending support with goodwill for others, they learn to do the same. Telling them that they are not alone and acknowledging their inputs or just listening to them can help in building good emotions.

At St Xavier’s students are taught to be there for each other, respect one’s opinions and show kindness towards their peers. As a top private school in Odisha, we keep reforming our curriculum to serve exceptional learning experiences that add value to the lives of our students. Emotions and values integrated into studies form responsible citizens of tomorrow with a bright future.