A few tips for choosing co-educational schools in Odisha

Careful planning is most important while you are picking a school for your child’s education. Many parents want to send their children to a top residential school for them to receive a holistic education and a suitable environment. The popularity of this format of education has resulted in high demand for the best co-educational schools in Odisha.

Here we are mentioning some of the key points that parents must consider while choosing a boarding school for their child:

Identify Schools: You are choosing a school for your child’s best education. You must search for any and every school that catches your eye. Research by going through each school’s website and collecting data of student’s and parents’ reviews.

Narrow Your Options: This is the most important part while choosing the best school for your child. As you are selecting the best co-educational school that offers a CBSE curriculum, you must identify such schools from your list. At this point, ask your child about their opinions and interests. As it will affect the career of your child, choose what’s best for your child and it also suits your needs as this step is all about personalization.

Visit the school campus: Although most schools offer a virtual tour of their campus through their website, you should visit the campus physically. There are lots of things that cannot be evaluated through online research when it comes to choosing the best school. Visiting the campus physically will give you a better idea of the school’s campus environment, educational style, student-teacher ratio, safety, and security.

Curriculum: While choosing the right school, you must be aware of the curriculum offered by the school. The residential schools in Odisha provide a variety of curriculums, but CBSE is considered one of the best. It offers an easy approach and the board is recognized by the government of India.

Infrastructure and co-curricular activities: Excellent infrastructure is very essential for children to obtain overall development. To become a well-rounded child, children should be involved in sports and engage in co-curricular activities. You must look for a school that provides the best infrastructure and facilities for your child’s growth.

Hygiene and Cleanliness Protocols: The COVID-19 pandemic has made the school’s hygiene and cleanliness protocols a very important factor to be considered. Nowadays, children’s health and safety have become the top priority.

Miscellaneous Factors: Parents must keep in mind some other factors like discipline, independence, social environment, quality of emotional and psychological support, safety, security, yearly expenses, food quality, location, etc.

Among the top 10 high schools in Odisha, ST Xavier’s High School will be the best choice for your child education and growth.