10 Effective Parenting Tips To Make Your Child Love School!

Does your child not love their school? Is it an everyday struggle between you and your child? Anyway, it’s not just you, there are more than a million parents who have one thing in common – their kids don’t seem to enjoy going to school. As a parent, your child’s first teacher is you. It has been seen that when parents are involved in their child’s school, the children do better and show interest in going to school. As a best CBSC School in Dhenkanal, S.T. Xavier High School always focuses on not being synonymous with fear and loathing, for your kids.

1. Be a role good model

As a parent, your child will consider you as the most influential teacher in their life. The best way to teach your child is to show them. Mainly children observe what their parents are doing and they learn from that. So, be the person you want your child to be and respect your child, show empathy, listen to them carefully, and your child will follow suit.

2. Give time to read with your child every day

Reading doesn’t always mean studying; it also includes reading magazines, newspapers, and even road signs! Read out loudly with your child instead of reading silently for yourself. Through these activities, you can improve your child’s reading skills.

3. Make time and play with your children

You can play with your children in different ways like playing indoor and outdoor games or watching meaningful movies together. Keep the positivity and be an active participant while you are spending time with your child. These activities also help you get closer to your child.

4. Don’t force good grades

Every child is different and unique. Watch your child’s progress in their study but don’t force them to get good marks. Even if they are not getting good grades, you should be happy to study and encourage them.

5. Encourage meaningful relationships

Kids have options to make friendships at school, but socializing at school doesn’t need to be high pressure. “In making new friends, quality is more important than quantity,” Nixon says. “Don’t force kids to be ‘popular’ by making tons of friends. Rather, encourage a couple of meaningful relationships.”

6. Getting along with teachers.

Good parenting always involves good parenting at school too, so you have to make sure that your child has friendly relations with their teachers and classmates at school.

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