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A School for Social Responsibility

Man is a social animal and the aggregation of people living within a more or less ordered community forms a society. Confucius, an ancient Chinese philosopher once quoted – “Consideration for others is the basis of a good life, a good society.” Society in which live informs most of our beliefs, perspective and in a bigger picture forms our daily lives. As an individual, it’s our foremost duty to devote a part of our lives to the welfare of our society. The ideology behind building a good society is to incubate a space for good behavior, moral ethics and harmony. Since the beginning of civilization, man has found himself in a continuous quest to sculpturing the idea of a perfect society but the real key to the build a better society is in early education. Schools that impart the knowledge during the initial years of student life, builds an image of the society in their minds. St. Xavier’s High School, one of the Best Schools in Dhenkanal, strongly believes that schools play a very pivotal role in introducing the social responsibilities of an individual to the students. They learn about the importance of social norms and ethics and participate actively to act upon them.

blood donation camp

                            Blood Donation Camp organized by St. Xavier High School, Dhenkanal

Social responsibility in students majorly focuses on taking up the responsibility of owning their actions and reactions to the events happening around them. It’s an effort to maintain peace and harmony in the society while working for social, cultural and ecological causes. At St. Xavier’s, children get wide exposure to social activities to fulfill their social responsibilities as a student. The school organizes numerous social campaigns like ‘Environmental week’, ‘Educate the girl child save a Tree’ etc. every year to celebrate social duties. Activities like Blood donation camps, Donation and Awareness programs allow the students to explore society and connect with people. They grow up to be more responsible and grateful to their parents, peers and surroundings. St. Xavier’s High School encourages students to volunteer for sociocultural causes and contribute to making a difference.