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Quality Education vs. Quantity Education – St. Xavier’s High School

One of the very popular quotes of Albert Einstein goes like – “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”, if you notice this statement kind off contradicts the two very pillars of the existing educational system i.e. ‘Learning’ and ‘Training’. We often tend to experience both the aspects of education but there is a fine line in between that can make a difference. So, Education imparted at schools follows a certain curriculum and format that is thoroughly designed overtime with different metrics to help children grow. No doubt that the definition of knowledge has changed in years impacting the lives of students but what remains the same is the way it is imparted and evaluated. St. Xavier’s High School is the best CBSE affiliated school in Dhenkanal, Odisha, providing an exceptional education for every child.

Best CBSE affiliated schools in Dhenkanal

One aspect of education tends to focus on the quality of education, exploring new mediums and options while the other follows a more quantitative approach of volume and grades. Quality education goes beyond the four walls and books to provide a more practical and enriching method of learning while Quantity educations focus more on textual and bookish forms of information. While Quality education focuses on the all-round development of an individual, Quantity education inclines towards academic excellence as a primary goal. Though both the aspects of education prevail in modern-day learning but there has been a shift in the weight age given to each.

As one of the best CBSE affiliated schools in Dhenkanal, St. Xavier’s High School is attaining popularity for all the right reasons. The education imparted at the school differs from other established schools due to its incredible inclination towards more holistic and qualitative education. Unlike other schools chasing ranks and results with a quantity-based education, St. Xavier’s views quality education as a kind of education that can fetch a student all-round development in the physical, psychological and intellectual sense. With such modern methodologies of learning, the school has able to create a balanced environment of learning and co-curricular experiences. As a result, students of St. Xavier’s have shown exemplary growth outperforming in every domain.