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Importance of Value Education in High Schools – St. Xavier’s High School

High schools form the foundations of a very crucial period in human life. During early adolescence when children undergo a lot of physical, hormonal and behavioral changes, learning plays a very important role in fuelling their thought process and perspectives. Hence, the education offered during middle or high school should be crafted very sensitively to be more relatable and enriching. During these years children learn the basics of math, science and literature that influence their future career paths. But holistic education as we know is not always about majors or grades or even particularly about careers, it’s more of understanding life and the world around us. Talking about the world, we have always been taught man is a social animal and he must react to everything that happens around him. A man of character, ethics and good moral forms the perfect definition of a true human being and responsible citizen and the roots of these qualities boils down to one of the important aspects of education – ‘Moral Science’.

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Value or moral education is one of the most vital subjects to be incorporated in the high school curriculum. According to St. Xavier’s, one of the best boys schools in Dhenkanal – young minds can be enlightened with social values and spiritual development. Value education teaches ethics and morals which construct the character and persona of an individual. Children learn to respect, empathize and contribute to society with their good deeds. Moral science puts up stories with great examples that encourage students to pursue their leadership skills and team spirit. One of the greatest giveaways of value education is it teaches young adults how to control emotions and counteractions towards the things that take place around them. Morality invokes the inner voice that makes humankind and generous.

Now that you know a little more about the impact of value education, look out institutions for your child that don’t chase after grades and ranks but offer much more humane things. For example, St Xavier’s High school in Dhenkanal is one of the best boys schools, why so? Though the school is co-ed but it rationalizes gender-neutral education very specifically. Students here learn to respect opposite genders and peers, bullying or ragging are strongly discouraged and a lot more! St. Xavier’s make a perfectly balanced environment for holistic learning.