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Choose the Best CBSE School for your child: St. Xavier’s High School

As parents, choosing the best school for your child is one of the critical decisions you have to take, and that have a long-term impact on your child’s future. It is very important to get an education in a top school for your child’s holistic development. St. Xavier’s High School is known as one of the best CBSE schools in Dhenkanal, with top-notch infrastructure and a great board-exam performance.

You must also look for the following qualities, whose presence definitely makes our school the best.

1. Curriculum structure: As a parent, you must have an educational expectation for your child. St. Xavier’s High School blends all modern methods of learning without ignoring the positives of conformist ways and focus on visual and application-based learning.

2. Ease of communication: Our school always tries to maintain a clear line of communication between the teachers and the parents. As the child is living in a totally new environment, it is important for regular communication among parents and to make the child comfortable in school. Students learn better when their parents are involved. Thus, it is important for your child’s educational development.

3. Focus on extra-curricular activities: To impart interpersonal skills among children, St. Xavier’s High School focuses on regular involvement in extra-curricular activities that lead to better glide and cognitive development. We always put a deep focus on the activities that students find interest in and allow them ample time within the school hours to participate.

4. Well qualified Faculty: School teachers are the ones who convey education, ensure that students get proper assistance and direct the learning minds towards the right paths of growth. Our school has an ideal and well-qualified faculty team, which always ensures the student’s overall development. We have significant resources to train our faculty and help them to update their teaching methods as per the modern techniques.

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5. Existing parents’ feedback: We make this step easier for you by having testimonials up on our website and assisting a campus visit for you on a normal school day. You can simply clear out your doubts from existing parents.

St. Xavier’s High School has been the top choice among parents as the best CBSE School in Dhenkanal. Our school not only aces all the above qualities but the school management and faculty team bring their broad educational experience to the school to provide the best education. For more follow our blog here.