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6 Initiatives that Private Schools Must have to Ensure Children Safety

Children safety is not a secondary option in schools. During the growing phases, a single negative experience can make an eternal psychological impact for a lifetime. When it comes to the list of the best private school in Odisha, St. Xavier’s High School secures the top rank. Apart from maintaining a safe infrastructure and school go a step further and take safety initiatives to harden the entire security process.

1. Every corner must be supervised by both cameras and staff

Both technology and manual have their own place of limitations and St. Xavier’s High School layout a security plan so that one can match the other. Schools have a central controls room where all the cameras can supply its data and security guards are at places where the cameras cannot reach.

2. Supervision at all possible times

ST Xavier’s High School’s teachers are trained in students’ psychology to lift any offender’s activity from the student’s body language and take action. Also, our non-teaching staffs have adequate knowledge to maintain the extensive safety of the students on the school campus.

3. Every school member must go through a background verification

It must be mandatory for every private school staff, starting from the principal to the guards; staff must show an adequate background record before receiving an appointment in the school.  Our school staffs understand the requirement of such procedures and readily join the school.

4. Conduct regular workshops to prepare students to protect themselves

St. Xavier’s High School conducts regular workshops and programs to educate our students about the right and wrong. We give training about the steps the children must take; people must contact or avoid the situation through Periodic drills.

5. A clear chain of communication among all

Simply because the victim did not know whom to contact, most crimes go unnoticed. Our teachers maintain a friendly relationship with the students so that opening up is easier.

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6. Parents should be actively involved

Even though the school’s safety measures are very strong, there is always a chance of a hidden drip. Outside the school’s campus, parents are the student’s guardians and when they are privy about such situations, they can limit them.

St. Xavier High School, one of the top private schools in Odisha, follows all actions to secure all security dodges within the school premises.