Education is a better investment than always pays an excellent interest. If you invest in education then nobody else can take it away from you. The best asset one can create for the self is good education. Being successfully educated will automatically make the man successful. The success of the country not only depends on the asset of the country but on the citizens of the country. St. Xavier’s school aims at uplifting the country by gifting the right set of citizens. For the past academic year whole country is facing a bunch of hurdles one after the other. But still, St. Xavier’s school remains as a Top CBSE School in Odisha due to its continuous efforts in educating the students.

COVID-19 has created a setback to the whole world. India is a country with a huge population and hence COVID-19 created a greater setback to the country and thus made a big impact on the financial status of the country. The education sector suffered a lot during this period. St. Xavier’s school believes in the concept of adjusting to the environment and thus updated itself to a new model of education and introduced the concept of online education. Students and parents are encouraged to stay safe and to stay at home thereby helping the parents to support the government to follow the guidelines. This makes St. Xavier’s school the best school in Dhenkanal.

New mode of education has brought a bigger range of relaxation for parents as well as students. Online classes are conducted on regular basis this helps the students to stay engaged and to gain appropriate knowledge. Being a well-known school in Dhenkanal we educate the students in the right way. All the concepts will be explained systematically. The explanation will involve a graphical approach that helps the students to get detailed understandings. Classes will be held on a regular basis and will be updated on the learning portal. If students cannot attend the online class by any chance then they can watch the prerecorded classes and can clarify the doubts personally from the experts. This overall idea encourages the students to learn the concepts from anywhere and at any time. It is said that the majority of the infections are spread due to social gathering. St. Xavier’s school eradicates this problem by offering online classes. Even if the classes are conducted offline then as a Top CBSE School in Odisha we offer spacious seating arrangements to students hence the chance of spreading of infection will be nullified. The whole school will be sanitized at regular intervals just to ensure the safety of the students.

St. Xavier’s school has created a new wave in the field of education implementing online teaching. Flexible learning schedule, Instructor availability to the students on one to one basis, cost-effective teaching approach, and group discussion-based education encourages each and every student to involve in all the activities and keeps the students actively engaged. Our systemic teaching approach makes us to stay as a Top CBSE School in Odisha.