Supporting your children’s education during Coronavirus School Closure

With the shutting down of schools due to the deadly COVID-19 outbreak, many parents are worried about what their kids should be doing at home all day. Children will most probably show an emotional toll due to school shutdown and social distancing. As the best school in Odisha struggles to move to teach and learning online, parents are trying to figure out how to support their children’s academic work.


During these difficult times, you should make sure that your child stays healthy and happy.

1. Set daily routines

Set a daily routine for your child. That should have a mix of learning activities, physical activities and study. By creating a time table will help parents as well as their children to keep up with their education. As a routine always helps us to keep focused and make us feel like we are in control.

2. Home Schooling 

Homeschooling is the best option for your child. Create safe spaces for them so that they become comfortable taking charge of their own learning which is beneficial for their cognitive and educational growth.

3. Exercise and activity

Exercise improves physical health and mental health. Everyone starting from children to old people need to do some type of physical activity to stay healthy.

During this period, the parents are also advised to reduce the time their children spend sitting or lying down for a longer period. You can engage your child in dancing, painting, arts and crafts to keep them active.

4. Don’t let your children treat this as a holiday

Children might feel like a vacation during this time, but it’s important to remind them that their education still comes first. Class assignments, homework, tests, etc aren’t going away just because classes have moved online.

5. Make room for learning

Create a learning space for your child. Make different set-ups all together than where they normally play games or watch television.

St. Xavier’s High School as the best school in Odisha has move teaching and learning online.


Supporting your children’s education during Coronavirus School Closure
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Supporting your children’s education during Coronavirus School Closure
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