best cbse school odisha

Points to consider before choosing top CBSE schools in Odisha

As a parent, it must be a difficult decision for you to choose the best school for your child. It is very important to get an education in a top school for your child’s holistic development. St. Xavier’s High School is known as one of the best CBSE schools in Odisha, with top-notch infrastructure and a great board-exam performance.

Here are some important points to look at when you choose the best CBSE School in Odisha for your child:

Philosophy of the school
Try to visit the school once to understand the ethos and the philosophy of the school. Ask the school principal, teachers or the students to know more about the school.

You should keep in mind about all the facilities provided by the school. You can look at the infrastructure of the school, playground, boarding house, dormitories, and the facilities. Ensure that all these facilities are provided by the school as per your expectations.

As a parent, you must have an educational expectation for your child. St. Xavier’s High School blends all modern methods of learning without ignoring the positives of conformist ways and focus on visual and application-based learning.

Diversity plays a significant role while choosing a boarding school for your child. It is necessary to know the ratio of day students to boarders, the ratio of local to metropolitan borders so that the students can look for cultural diversity.

While choosing a CBSE boarding school, fees are an important factor every parent looking for. Always make sure to ask what is comprised in the fees and what is considered as extra charges.

Extracurricular activities
To impart interpersonal skills among children, St. Xavier’s High School focuses on regular involvement in extra-curricular activities that lead to better glide and cognitive development. We always put a deep focus on the activities that students find interest in and allow them ample time within the school hours to participate.

St. Xavier’s High School has been the top choice among parents as the best CBSE School in Odisha.