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Create Strong Future by Choosing Top 10 High Schools in Odisha

Education is the only thing in the world that cannot be stolen away from you and it plays an integral part in making-the person you want to become. Personally satisfying career is built on the pillars of your skills, understanding, aptitude and analysis of the future impact on personal and professional prosperity. To have a strong foundation from the beginning of your child is mandatory. St. Xavier’s High School is considered as the best high school in Odisha who believes in laying the strong foundation and creating such an education system that focuses on complete the development of a child.

In this competitive era there are many options available for parents to opt. Thus, how to choose the top high school for your child in Odisha? Is the first question that strikes your mind St. Xavier’s High School is a school with the difference not only in terms of infrastructure, faculties and quality education including the development of intellectual sense but also an emphasis on child spiritual development. Due to the uniqueness of designing the different education cultures for child intellectual and spiritual development St. Xavier’s has become one of the best schools in Odisha. We design our co-curricular activities and teaching methods in such a way that it will support in the overall development of your child. You may refer to the importance of co-curricular activities at the Best Schools in Odisha

  • -Develop Logical and analytical thinking
  • -Develop Visualization and Creative thinking
  • -Develop Leadership skills and self-motivation
  • -Able to examine the concept and Critical thinking process
  • -Develop Emotional skills

We stand in Top 10 high schools in Odisha as one of the reasons we design and balanced our academic co-curriculum for every student in terms of art and craft, vocal and instrumental music, dance etc with the vision of having foster holistic development including education and learning. In the 21st century the world is changing fast, just bookish knowledge will not prepare a child to compete with the world co-curriculum activities are necessary for a child to have logical and analytical thinking as well as emotionally stable.

“We unfold a new dimension to your child’s future”